" We look at where you want to be in term of your own health, now and in future "

Dr Shamyla Sajjad

Consultant Dental Surgeon/ Orthodontist 
BDS, C-Implant, C-Ortho, MCPS, FLD (UK)

My passion for dentistry is more than of a professional interest. It is in fact culmination of a lifelong fascination with the nature, life and beauty. Beautiful cosmetic results are however only the top of dental health pyramid. As a health centred practitioner, my guiding objective is to help you achieve a sustaining foundation of dental health. We look at where you want to be in term of your own health, now and in future.

Behind Smiles:

After Practicing few years into a dental practice I began to future focus. Like many people I wanted to make sure my work, my life had meaning. I believe in myself, my ability to change people’s lives through dental health. This led me to develop a vision for my practice to enhance lives of others through improving my patient’s dental health. This is my own small contribution towards making world a better place.

My relationship with you is unlike a typical Doctor-Patient relationship. Here you are encouraged to learn, to be involved, to be a partner in your own health care. Its like a journey in which we seek together to identify your individual expectation and design outcomes with respect to dental health.